I paid in over $11,000 over 3 years to this company and got nothing in return. Their latest email stated, We no longer provide Credit Releif Services.

Well I have been cheated, defrauded, and dupped. Their MO, Stall and hope you can not pay them the month amount so they can say you defaulted on your contract, then stall until you have paid the entire amount, then tell you they no longer provide that service and they keep your money. The Texas Attorney General will be glad to record your complaint but will not try to get your money back or press charges against the company. The only recourse you had, is to get an attorney to try to get some of your money back, They are betting on you not doing that because after Attorney fees you will not be getting much.

Shane Garner is the CEO, and Mary Schnickel is the "Incompetent Account Rep", they are criminals and should be avoided. Please take my advice and do not use any of these Debt relief Companies either on-line or not.

Monetary Loss: $11740.

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Warren, Ohio, United States #1193938

Can yiu sue an employee who knew this was happening but chose to turn a blind eye.


Honestly it is unfair to accuse the employees. Those same employees also got dupped.

They are out of jobs their names being slandered. Would you like to Google your name and see lies posted about you? Would you like to be called a liar, thief and more for doing your job? Would you like to be come to work and find the doors locked wondering if you'll get your final paycheck?

Or find out your paying for medical insurance and the policy was cancelled? Or be told by unemployment your not going to get benefits?

There is more then one side to this story *** off. Lots of lives customers and employees were destroyed.

to Anonymous #1193942

But those employees knew how could they not. Do they not have morals.

Those employees should have found other jobs and reported it.

Yes the employee's lost their jobs but millions were lost to clients who trusted them and the company. They should be ashamed and feel guilt for keeping their silence.

to Anonymous #1193944

Unfair those employees knew what was going on. How could you not where are their morals to see people go through that and still work for someone so dishonest.


Your credit isn't ruined for life. Call each creditor and make payment arrangements.


I know for a fact they are rip offs. You mean to tell me the employees had no clue.

Nashville, Tennessee, United States #639148

I paid in over 31,000. over a period of 3 years and 4 months.

They only settled one account and paid 1,600. on another account and quit. I want my money back. They promised me back in Feb.

2013 they would start calulating customers accounts and would send me a refund. So far, I have received nothing.

Cleveland, Ohio, United States #638883

Its one thing to accuse someone of being a criminal but its another to slander someones name. Being incompetent does not make you a crook.


First, file a formal complaint with your State Attorney General. Your state may require specific licensing in order for CAG to offer services in your state. Next, file a formal complaint with the Federal Trade Commission. Next, contact both your local and Dallas Tx BBB and file a formal complaint. Lastly and most important... Contact all of your local news affiliates, explain what CAG has done to you and provide documented proof. Request a consumer fraud investigation news report be conducted to help other citizens of your city and state seek restitution if they were also swindled, as well as warning others about this fraud before they fall victim. Also note that Dallas affiliates have already investigated them for fraudulent activities .

While it does appear that Credit Alliance Group is no longer in business or conducting business, a little research will show that Share Garner is now operating a new business from the SAME Dallas location (1717 Main Street Suite 5800, Dallas.75201) and is offering ACCOUNTING Services of all things!!! Best of luck and hope this info proves useful.

Chicago, Illinois, United States #599074

I too have been taken by them. All of them should go to jail - Shane - Mary - Lucinda - Christine- and especially Sylvia the accountant for them.

Oh & dont forget the biggest crook of them is Anthony Krell who ropes you in on this fraud. I AM OUT OVER $3000 AND MY CREDIT IS RUINED FOR LIFE.

to DUPED #638881

Honestly it is unfair to accuse the employees. Those same employees also got dupped.

They are out of jobs their names being slandered.

They were not the ones who took your money. Point the blame on the one who was dishonest here dont put the blame on the ones who had no control over your mone.

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