I paid into CAG over 31,000.00 over the past 3 years and they settled 1 claim and paid 1,600.00 on one other claim and quit paying on it. They paid approximately 4,000.00 and that's all.

I should have been watching them more closely but my fiancee had a right brain major stroke and was left paralyzed on the left side. I turned my home into a hospital, with caregivers, nurses and therapists for 7 years. During that time is when CAG ripped me off. I was so consumed with caring for my loved one before he passed away that I neglected to stay in close contact with CAG.

They didn't blink an eye when it came to debiting my account for $797.00 each month. All I am asking for is my money back but there seems to be no way to contact them. They have a sophisticated answering service and when your number is finally the next one to be answered it doesn't get answered.

I put my phone on speaker phone one day for over 2 hours and it stayed on the next available caller until I finally hung up.

Monetary Loss: $31000.

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