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I joined credit alliance in 2010 and according to their plan would be debt free by June of 2013. I find out 2 weeks ago this company doesn't exist anymore and not only is my credit ruined, I've lost 12,000.000.

If I had that kinda money, I never would've agreed to this settlement. I need help. I want my money back so I can begin to repair my credit myself. I've tried over and over to reach someone at all the various phone numbers I've been given.

I wasn't even contacted to find out that the company has been dissolved. If I can join the class action suit I'd like to because obviously now, I can't afford an attorney to fight to get what's rightfully mine, my money.

Monetary Loss: $12000.

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First, file a formal complaint with your State Attorney General. Your state may require specific licensing in order for CAG to offer services in your state. Next, file a formal complaint with the Federal Trade Commission. Next, contact both your local and Dallas Tx BBB and file a formal complaint. Lastly and most important... Contact all of your local news affiliates, explain what CAG has done to you and provide documented proof. Request a consumer fraud investigation news report be conducted to help other citizens of your city and state seek restitution if they were also swindled, as well as warning others about this fraud before they fall victim.

While it does appear that Credit Alliance Group is no longer in business or conducting business, a little research will show that Shane Garner is now operating a new business from the SAME Dallas location (1717 Main Street Suite 5800, Dallas.75201) and is offering ACCOUNTING Services of all things!!! Best of luck and hope this info proves useful.

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